Technological Process Artificial Quartz Stone EmpireStone

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Artificial stone of Empirestone quartz origin is created from the mix about 90% quartz powder and other additives. VENETIAN quartz powder is sintered by plastic polymer with components which create color by  By high-technology Vacuum Vibration Press (VVP) high-level automation, advanced machinery and equipment.

Products created with the following properties: High hardness; Structural solid; Ability Waterproofing; Scratch resistant; Easy to clean. The product has been tested by the standard, certification in good standing.

Eng Tech Procéss

Technologicial process begin as following step by step:

  1. Raw materials are imported from India
  2. Each Slab stone is created by high-level automation, advanced machinery and equipment. With one step has tester to quality control.
  3. Raw materials are tested and quantified completely automatically, according to the formulas and calculations before loading into the mixing tank to create the color required. Then the material is put in size 148cm × 309cm or 165cm × 328cm; thickness 2cm or 3cm.
  4. Then into Vacuum Vibration Press machine in 100 tons, create slab stone to have Absolute strength to system Drying at temperatures 194-212 F about 45 minutes. The slabs are brought back to room temperature.
  5. Perfect product with sizes: Thickness 2cm or 3cm. 1450cm × 306cm or 160cm × 320cm.

The closed production process, modern technology, Phu Son company  always offers the best products for the choice of customers.


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